5 Ways on How to Act During a Job Interview

5 Ways on How to Act During a Job Interview

You have been shortlisted and they have finally invited you to come through for an interview. The nerves start kicking in and you are already replaying how you think it is all going to play out when the actual interview happens. You start questioning the way you present yourself and whether it is good enough to ensure that you land the job, understandably so.

The most important aspect of it all when it comes to being interviewed is your communication skills, are you able to articulate yourself clearly? You can easily tell the interviewer that you can do the job, but can you confidently convince the hiring manager to hire you? 

Here are a few tips on how to present yourself during an interview:

  1. Dress appropriately. Make sure that what you are wearing reflects the dominant attire of the people that work for that industry.
  2. Present yourself as professional, confident, and capable. You need to be able to effectively communicate and maintain a positive as well as a friendly attitude.
  3. Ensure that your mobile and other electronic devices are turned off completely. You do not want your phone to suddenly vibrate and disturb the meeting. It also has the potential to completely change the hiring managers perception about you.
  4. Body language is also very important, it can communicate as much as information, and the more positive you feel about the interview the easier it is for it to be reflected in your body language.  
  5. The way you answer the questions during the interview ultimately determines whether or not you get the job, therefore ask for clarification when necessary, be honest, use clear and concise language, and always keep your audience in mind when answering questions.

You have passed through so many obstacles before landing yourself the interview, do not let how you carry yourself be the reason why you do not get the job. This is the last leg, put in all the work to make sure that the competitors do not stand a chance.  

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