5 Ways to Gain Job Experience

Hiring Managers are tired of investing a lot of time and money in training initiatives. Lately, the most basic vacant positions require some sort of experience even when applying for entry-level positions. Many of us have the perception that our tertiary qualifications are enough when looking for a job, but in most cases, they are not. This then makes it challenging for a person who has never worked to find a job and I mean how can these companies expect you to have experience if they are not willing to hire you?

Building experience from nothing is possible, do not let these job requirements that seem outlandish scare you. Here is a list of things you can do to make yourself employable:


The most common way to build experience is to volunteer, but be strategic, if your goal is to become an Accountant, it makes no sense for you to assist in marketing management.

Find an Internship:

Most internships do not require experience and they allow you to gain the necessary skills that will build your competence for the professional environment. SAGovJobs has open internships available within the SA government departments that unemployed youth may apply for to gain professional experience.


Depending on your career path, sometimes you must prove that you can do the job before you are hired, and freelancing is a great way to showcase your skills.

Consider Job Shadowing:

Look for companies that might not have official internships but are willing to let you shadow someone for a week or more to gain insight on how things work in that industry.

Extracurricular Activities:

If you are a student, take on extracurricular activities at school that can help you prepare for the workplace environment and gain some valuable experience.

Do not let the fact that you do not have experience be the reason why you do not get your dream job. Start working towards building your professional brand, it might not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

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