5 Ways to Get a Job Interview

The job search process is not getting any easier, and this is also influenced by the large number of companies that are not hiring, including the big companies that are constantly retrenching. This then makes it necessary for you as a potential candidate to become strategic when applying for certain jobs to make sure that the few companies that are looking for employees give you the opportunity to sell yourself.

Drafting a CV and just sending it through is no longer enough, there is a series of steps you need to go through to make sure that you land yourself that interview and these include:

  • Reviewing the content on your CV and cover letter to make sure that it is aligned with the requirements on the job spec and stands out from the rest.
  • Ensuring that your CV is ATS optimised and passes through the system to the hands of the recruiter.
  • Building a professional brand on social media by posting relevant content using platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Networking, which is vital when you want to land yourself an interview. Build relationships with industry experts within your field, this helps you with referrals with your next potential employer.
  • Being different. Find ways to differentiate yourself from competitors. Remember you are not the only one applying for the job, and for you to get the interview, you need to convince the Hiring Manager that you can do the job better than the rest before the interview.

If you have applied for a couple of jobs and have not yet been invited for an interview, maybe it is time to change how you apply and work on enhancing your career brand to attract recruiters.   

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