Commission for Gender Equality

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View all the latest Commission for Gender Equality vacancies here. On this page you will find all the latest job openings for 2021. Interested candidates can find the latest jobs and apply online.

About the Department

Welcome to the Commission for Gender Equality vacancies page. On this page you will find all the latest open job opportunities available at the CGE.

The CGE is a constitutional entity, relied upon to ‘strengthen constitutional democracy’. The Constitution of South Africa, in creating a framework for a new society, has established a Bill of Rights in Chapter 2 of its first constitution of 1996. This is premised on the desire for a free and equal society in all fundamental and material aspects of life.

Values and Ethics

Accountability: Honesty, transparency and efficiency through effective use of available resources and time.

Equality: Commitment to the principles that promote substantive equality.

Democratic principles: Commitment to justice and fairness.

Integrity: Loyalty and respect for the dignity of all. Commitment to the principles of the Constitution. Belief in oneself and others.

Professionalism: Communicate, behave and execute duties in a manner that efficiently and effectively fulfils the mandate and plan of action, and enhances the positive image of the CGE.

Empathy: Awareness of power relations and respect for human rights. The CGE conducts its relationships in an understanding, caring, supportive and non-judgmental manner.

Knowledge sharing: a spirit of reciprocity and mutual development and growth.

Identity: Acknowledgement of the individual and of cultural diversity of our society.

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