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About the Department

“A growing economy wherein enterprises thrive”

To lead, coordinate, support, implement and champion inclusive economic growth for the people of the North West Province through:

Economic Planning and Development Enterprise Development, and Effective Regulatory Services

The following values, derived from the Constitution, underpin the activities of the Department of Economy and Enterprise Development

Fairness, in that the Department will at all times act in a fair manner towards executing its responsibilities. Equity, as the Department is committed to treating all clients and employees equitably in all respects. Accessibility, in that the Department will remain accessible to its stakeholders and role players in the course of executing its responsibilities. Transparency, in that the Department undertakes to be transparent in the conduct of its core business. Accountability, in that the Department will at all times take full accountability for its business actions and decisions. Participation in that the Department will continue to participate fully in all areas of its responsibility to satisfy the needs of our clients and stakeholders Good governance, to which the Department will always strive to adhere to at all times.

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