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View all the current Employment and Labour vacancies here. You will find all the latest job openings for 2021. Interested candidates can find the latest jobs and apply online.

Team Members (1)

  • Mr. Thembelani Waltermade Nxesi

    Minister of Employment and Labour


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About the Department

Team Members (1)

  • Mr. Thembelani Waltermade Nxesi

    Minister of Employment and Labour

Welcome to the Employment and Labour vacancies page. Here you will find all the latest open job opportunities available at the department of Employment and Labour.

The Department of Employment and Labour will play a significant role in reducing unemployment, poverty, and inequality through a set of policies and programmes developed in consultation with social partners.


The Department of Employment and Labour will strive for a labour market which is conducive to investment, economic growth, employment creation and decent work.


Regulate the South Africa labour market for a sustainable economy through:

  • Appropriate legislation and regulations
  • Inspection, compliance monitoring and enforcement
  • Protection of human rights
  • Provision of Employment Services
  • Promoting equity
  • Social and income protection
  • Social dialogue


  • We treat employees with care, dignity, and respect
  • We respect and promote:
    • Client centered services
    • Accountability
    • Integrity and ethical behaviour
    • Learning and development
  • We live the Batho Pele Principles
  • We live the principles of the Department’s Service Charter
  • We inculcate these values through our performance management system

We pride ourselves in improving economic efficiency and productivity and ultimately alleviate poverty in employment.

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