Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority

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About the Department

Skills development is a national priority for South Africa and meeting the country’s skills needs requires collaboration between numerous public and government entities, educational institutions, training providers, as well as private organisations, no matter how big or small.

South Africa’s economy is divided into functional sectors and each of these sectors is represented by one of 21 Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs). The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) is responsible for the education, training and skills development requirements of the health, social development and veterinary sectors.

The Skills Development Planning (SDP) Division is divided into three sub-divisions, namely:

  • Learning Programmes
  • Workplace Skills Planning
  • Projects

The SDP Division’s core mandate is to co-ordinate support by encouraging constituent registered employers to submit mandatory grant reports (workplace skills plans and implementation reports) as per the Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies act.

Targets set out for the division in addressing skills needs within the Health and Social development sector:

  • To register and implement learning programmes (Learnerships, Skills Programmes, Internships and Bursaries).
  • To administer the submission of Workplace Skills Plans and Implementation Reports (WSPIRs).
  • To support / facilitate the implementation of the National Skills Development Strategy.
  • To capacitate Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) in driving the NSDS.
  • Assist stakeholders with any skills development/ HWSETA related processes.


  • Receiving, capturing and approving Workplace Skills Plans and Implementation Reports.
  • Implement training of sector specialists / SDFs on the Sector Guide.
  • Administering Change of SETA Jurisdiction applications.
  • Funding the training of learners on the New Venture Creation qualification, and exploring opportunities to support the establishment of enterprises for them.
  • Funding the placement of learners to gain Work Experience. This could be through directly approaching employers or by formalising agreements with Further and Higher Education Institutions for the purposes of learner placement.
  • Receiving and approving Expression of Interest applications.
  • Issuing of proof of registration and completion of learners (necessary for those employers who qualify to receive the Tax Rebate).

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