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About the Department

Welcome to Joe Morolog Local Municipality vacancies page. On this page you will find all the latest open job opportunities available at the municipality.

Joe Morolong Local Municipality is part of John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality. The Municipality comprises an area of 6,030,000 hectares and includes 190 villages. The Municipality faces far-reaching and in some instances, even desperate service delivery challenges. This became evident from an analysis of available statistical records of the area. In this regard, the results of Census 2001, read in conjunction with the results of the Community Survey conducted in 2007 would be utilized to analyze the environmental demands facing the Municipality, and the strategies that it has adapted to respond to these demands.

  • A total of 97.76% of the population of the area has been born in South Africa and 0,10% in other SADC countries.
  •  A total of 20,15% of the 22,277 households consists of only one person, 10,25% of three person, 11,14% of four, 10,41 of five and 9,23 of only two. However 29,83% consists of six and more persons.
  • A total of 95,57% of the population speaks Setswana as first language.

To be the best strategic business partner to management towards the achievement of the objective of the John Taolo District.

To provide an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.  By bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

*The internal audit activity must be seen as business partner rather than ‘corporate cop’*

Internal auditors are expected to apply and uphold the following principles:

  1. Integrity
    The integrity of internal auditors establishes trust and thus provides the basis for reliance on their judgment.
  2. Objectivity
    Internal auditors exhibit the highest level of professional objectivity in gathering, evaluating, and communicating information about the activity or process being examined. Internal auditors make a balanced assessment of all the relevant circumstances and are not unduly influenced by their own interests or by others in forming judgments
  3. Confidentiality
    Internal auditors respect the value and ownership of information they receive and do not disclose information without appropriate authority unless there is a legal or professional obligation to do so.
  4. Competency
    Internal auditors apply the knowledge, skills, and experience needed in the performance of internal audit services.

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