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About the Department

Welcome to the Makhuduthamaga Local vacancies page. On this page you will find all the latest open job opportunities available at the Makhuduthamaga Local.


A developmental Municipality that provides need satisfying sustainable services.


To strive for a people centered Municipality that delivers sustainable services underpinned by the following principles:







High standard of  professional ethics – Professionalizing local government is identified as essential in the MTAS (Municipal Turnaround Strategy).The MLM upholds high standards of professionalism as enunciated in the Constitution. Hard work, service to the people, humility, honesty and respect are integral components of professional values. Respect not only the laws of the land but also one another in a performance relationship – this emphasizes mutual respect and regard for dignity of a person or his/her responsibility.

Consultation – Regular consultations with the people about the services MLM provides.

Service Standards – Need to specify the quality of services people can expect.

Access – Increase access to services especially people disadvantaged by attitude related barriers.

Courtesy – Treatment of customers with courtesy and consideration. Things such as smile, respect for customs, apology if things go wrong – this cost nothing.

Information – Provide more and better information about services so that customers have full, accurate, relevant and up to date information about services they are entitled to receive.

Openness and Transparency – Tell the people how MLM runs, its departments, costs and who is in charge.

Redress – If the promised standard of services is not delivered (failures/mistakes/performance problems occur) citizens should be offered an apology, a full explanation and a speedy and effective remedy, and when the complaints are made, citizens should receive a sympathetic, positive responsible.

Value for Money – Give the best possible value for money so that customers feel that their contribution through taxation is used effectively, efficiently and savings ploughed back to improve their lives. The implementation of Batho Pele Principles is continuous process, not a once off task, to be done all the time.


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