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About the Department

Welcome to the Ndwedwe Local vacancies page. On this page you will find all the latest open job opportunities available at the Ndwedwe Local.

Ndwedwe Local Municipality lies parallel to, and approximately 20km inland from, the KwaZulu-Natal coast. The municipality consists mainly of poor black communities whose livelihoods depend on subsistence farming.

Located in relatively close proximity to major urban and economic developments, the area has remained substantially underdeveloped, disadvantaged and poor. External access and internal linkage are substantially limited to east-west roads, while north-south links are few and of poor quality.

Much of Ndwedwe Municipality’s detailed planning for the future depends on strategies yet to be developed for the iLembe District Municipality. However, the key short-term objectives that have been identified for Ndwedwe are strongly focused on the provision of basic infrastructure and services to a population that is at present severely lacking in these facilities.

Our Vision

“By 2030 The people of Ndwedwe will have a prosperous and vibrant economy, where their aspirations as met”.

Our Mission

To promote a quality and sustainable delivery of municipal services by:

Involving communities in the development.

Forging strategic alliances and partnerships between the municipality and government departments, NGOs, CBOs, Private Sectors to ensure speedy and co-ordinated delivery.

Latest News

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