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The Greater Oudtshoorn area is nestled at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains in the heart of the Little Karoo region, Western Cape, South Africa. It is defined as a semi-desert area with a unique and sensitive natural environment. It was once the indigenous home of the Koi-San people and the rock paintings on the walls of the caves in the surrounding area sends a message that survival in this area requires respect for the natural environment.

“A knowledge economic town, offering opportunities for training and skills development”

“A tourist economic town, offering a range of attractions from the environment to entertainment”

“An infrastructure economic town, offering a full range of services and economic opportunities, notably in disadvantaged areas”

“A social economic town which advances good governance and social development”

“An agricultural economic town in which farming and food production prospers”

“An industrial economic town in which various industries can expand”

“An arts & culture economic town creating economic and social opportunities through the arts, heritage & sport”


“A local tourism economy, offering a range of attractions from environmental to entertainment”.

The town must be marketed as a preferred destination with multiple and unique tourist attractions. The development of facilities for hosting events such as weddings could increase revenue for existing and (future) facilities.

Tourism is one of the main economic sectors and provides 34% of local employment opportunities. The main tourist attractions are the Cango Caves, Cango Wildlife Ranch and the ostrich show farms. The town also boasts excellent restaurants and luxury accommodation facilities, viz. 5 hotels and 30 bed & breakfast facilities with a 60% annual occupancy rate. The immediate challenge is to strengthen existing tourist attractions, identify new opportunities and consolidate these as tourism destinations. This will increase the time spent – and more overnight stays – by tourists in the area.

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