Planning Monitoring and Evaluation

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About the Department

Welcome to the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation vacancies page. On this page you will find all the latest open job opportunities available.


Coordinate government, planning, monitoring and evaluation to address poverty, unemployment and inequality.


To mobilize stakeholders and harness resources towards the implementation of the NDP as a guide for the country’s developmental trajectory.


A learning organisation:

  • A dynamic and development-oriented organization which continuously strives for excellent performance standards in serving the citizens.
  • We value our employees, partners and the public we serve and therefore we strive to:
    • Build capacity of our staff and partners in planning, monitoring and evaluation.
    • Be implementation focused and results oriented.
    • Create an enabling environment for staff to grow and be innovative.
    • Be exemplary in promoting integrity, honesty and ethical conduct amongst public servants.
    • Be disciplined, professional and committed to the fight against corruption.
    • Practice the Batho Pele principles.

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