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About the Department

We, as Police Officials of the South African Police Service commit ourselves to the creation of a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa by:

Participating in endeavours to address the root causes of crime in the community.

Preventing action which may threaten the safety or security of any community.

Investigating criminal conduct which has endangered the safety or security of the community and bringing the perpetrators thereof to justice.

In realization of the aforesaid commitment, we shall at all times:

Uphold the Constitution and the law; be guided by the needs of the community.

Give full recognition to the needs of the South African Police Service as my employer.

Cooperate with the community, government at every level and all other related role-players.

In order to achieve a safe and secure environment for all the people of South Africa we undertake to:

Integrity, render a responsible and effective service of high quality which is accessible to every person and continuously strive towards improving this service.

Utilize all the available resources responsibly, efficiently and cost-effectively to maximize their use.

Develop our own skills and participate in the development of our fellow members to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Contribute to the reconstruction and development of, and reconciliation in our country.

Uphold and protect the fundamental rights of every person.

Act impartially, courteously, honestly, respectfully, transparently and in an accountable manner.

Exercise the powers conferred upon us in a responsible and controlled manner.

Work actively towards preventing any form of corruption and to bring the perpetrators thereof to justice.

In terms of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999), Government Departments, including the SAPS, must draft the following:

  • The Strategic Plan is developed for a five-year period and sets out the SAPS’s policy, priorities and project plans, as approved by the executive authority, within the scope of available resources. The Strategic Plan focuses on strategic outcome-orientated goals for the institution as a whole and objectives for each of its main service delivery areas, aligned to its budget programmes.
  • The Annual Performance Plan is linked to the Strategic Plan and sets out what the SAPS intends doing in the upcoming financial year and during the medium term expenditure framework in order to implement its Strategic Plan. The Annual Performance Plan sets out performance indicators and targets for budget programmes to facilitate the institution in realizing its goals and objectives set out in the Strategic Plan.
  • The Annual Report provides information on the performance of the SAPS in the preceding financial year for the purpose of oversight. The Annual Report looks at the institution’s performance relative to the targets set in the Annual Performance Plan and provides the audited annual financial statements. It reveals how the budget was implemented and the state of the institution’s financial management system.

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