South African Library for the Blind

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About the Department

General Mandate of the South African Library for the Blind
The South African Library for the Blind’s mandate is subject to and operates in accordance with the South African Constitution and the South African Library for the Blind Act 91 of 1998. It is legally committed to the values upon which the democratic South African state is founded and in particular to those of equality, human dignity, the advancements of human rights and freedoms, non-racial, non-sexism, accountability and democracy. In addition, it strives to make a contribution to Africa by being an available resource of advice and expertise in its focus area.

The South African Library for the Blind Act 91 of 1998 mandates the Library to:

Provide a free library and information service that is responsible to the needs of the Blind and the print-handicapped user
Build up a balance and appropriate collection of South African and other documents and on to make them accessible for the use of blind and print-handicapped readers
Produce documents in special mediums such as Braille and audio formats for use by its readers
Develop standards for the production of such documents
Research production methods and technology in the appropriate in the appropriate fields
Acquire and disseminate the technology required by blind and print-handicapped people to read
This mandate commits the Library to:

Maintain and develop the quality of its books production services through appropriate resources and within the Copyright and Intellectual Property Right legislation
Expand its products and services to the print reading handicapped
Expand its collection of reading material and provide access to it
Sustain sensitivity for the reading needs of its constituency
Research applicable technology and Braille codes for potential application
Develop and preserve its human resource skills base
Maintain and develop good relations with its readers, suppliers, funders, the State and publishers
Expand its marketing and fundraising program
The SALB creates accessible reading opportunities for blind and visually impaired people.

The South African Library for the Blind renders a library and information service to blind and print-handicapped readers through the production of accessible South African reading material in development of a comprehensive library collection and rendering of advisory services to promote access to information.

Values Statement
The focus of the South African Library for the Blind is to make a difference and add value to the lives of print disabled people. To make this possible, all our activities are guided by the following values:

We base our working relationship on honesty, and integrity.
We respect people, time and property equally.
We work together as a dedicated and loyal team.
Positive attitude
We approach everything in an enthusiastic and constructive manner.
We communicate in a responsive, clear and appropriate manner.
We actively support staff and infrastructure development to promote individual and organisational growth.

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