South African Maritime Safety Authority

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About the Department

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​The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) was established on the 1st April 1998 under the SAMSA Act 5 of 1998.

The objectives of the Authority are-
To ensure safety of life and property at sea;
To prevent and combat pollution from ships in the marine environment; and
To promote the Republic’s maritime interests.

SAMSA has also been charged with the responsibility of executing the following:
Administration of the Merchant shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulation, 2007, as amended (the Regulations).
The Regulations extends SAMSA’s Core mandate to include inland waterways (only waterways accessible to the public) within the Republic. That is to ensure boating safety on our waters.
Implementing and executing the Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) of vessels along the South African coastline.
The Long-Range vessels monitoring system assist in securing South Africa’s coastal waters in the midst of the rising lawlessness at sea, with particular reference to the worrying scourge of pirate attacks along the east coast of Africa.​

The Authority Championing South Africa’s Global Maritime ambitions.

To promote South Africa’s maritime interests and development and position the country as an international Maritime Centre while ensuring maritime safety, health and environmental protection.

In​ line with its objectives, as stated in Section 3 of the SAMSA Act, the SAMSA’s primary areas of responsibility include:
Participating in the development and implementation of national and international maritime safety and marine environment protection standards;
Enforcing technical and operational standards for all shipping operations in South African waters and for South African ships anywhere, to promote responsible operations in terms of seaworthiness, safety and pollution prevention;
Enforcing training standards and competency of Seafarers;
Managing the national capability to respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergencies;
Operating the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre to coordinate maritime assistance services and to detect, and co-ordinate the location and rescue of people in maritime distress situations throughout the internationally agreed South African Search and Rescue Region;
Overseeing the provision of maritime distress and safety communications services to discharge South Africa’s responsibilities under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System;
Administering South Africa’s voluntary ship reporting system (SAFREP) for identifying and tracking ships at sea for safety purposes and to provide a ships’ database for responding to marine emergencies;
Investigating maritime casualties; and

Delivering related services including:
Public awareness and education in marine safety and pollution prevention;
Administration of South Africa’s ship registration system; and
Publication of, and access to, ship safety and environmental standards.
SAMSA delivers four main outputs consistent with its mandate and responsibilities:

Safety and environment protection standards for responsible maritime transport operations;
An infrastructure for monitoring and enforcing compliance with safety and environment protection standards;
The capability to respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergencies; and
The capability to detect, locate and rescue people in maritime distress situations.

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