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About the Department

USAASA Strategic Objectives:
Optimise organisational efficiency by 2021 to support the project delivery of the Universal Service Fund
Ensure availability of automated and integrated business processes by 2021 to support the project delivery of the Universal Service and Access Fund
Ensure availability of responsive IT systems by 2021 to support the project delivery of the Universal Service and Access Fund
Provide legally sound services to the Agency by 2021 to support the project delivery of the Universal Service and Access Fund
USAASA established as a centre of excellence for universal access and universal service market information, knowledge and expertise by 2021
Promotion of good stakeholder relations for purposes of enhancing the USAASA and USAF brands by 2021
Promotion of legal and regulatory compliance by 2021 to support the project delivery of the Universal Service and Access Fund

USAF Strategic Objectives:
To provide access to ICT services in 6 identified under-serviced areas by 2021 as part of implementing the South Africa Connect digital development strategic pillar in support of the National Development Plan.
To facilitate the broadband connectivity of educational institutions, primary health care facilities and government institutions by 2021 in compliance with Section 88 of the Electronic Communications Act.
To procure 1 831 779 Set-Top Boxes & antennas from local manufacturers for provision to qualifying needy TV-owning households in terms of the Scheme of Ownership framework by 2021.
Vision Statement
Universal Access and Service to ICT for All.

Mission Statement
To facilitate the rollout of adequate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure to enable universal access to under-serviced areas in South Africa.
To facilitate ICT service to under-serviced areas and thereby contributing to the reduction of poverty and unemployment in South Africa.
To promote and pursue the goal of Universal Access and Services and contribute to the sharing and preservation of information in order to build South Africa’s sustainable knowledge society.

The following values essentially capture what the Agency stands for and they guide USAASA’s efforts towards achieving the set strategic objectives:

Batho Pele – We believe in providing excellent, efficient and effective service to all customers and stakeholders.
Integrity – We uphold high standards of trust; condemn bribery and corruption; and uphold honesty and respect in all interactions with stakeholders.
Accountability – We foster employee ownership and responsibility in ensuring quality service.
Innovation – We support employee creativity in delivering all our services.
Transparency – We encourage openness in all our activities.
Teamwork – We strive to create a harmonious work environment, where all employees and contributors are respected.

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