Ask yourself the following questions before leaving your job

Ask yourself the following questions before leaving your job

Waking up and doing the same thing every single day can be boring. Thoughts of leaving your current job are very much normal when it does not serve your purpose anymore, when it is not aligned to what you are trying to achieve, or when you have reasons as complex as working in a toxic environment that even contributes to some of your health issues.

When it is time for you to go, pack up all your belongings and leave, but before that think about the decision you are about to make. Do not let your emotions get in the way, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my next move and how am I going to survive? Honestly, one of the main reason most people are employed is to be able to pay off their monthly bills, a good enough reason by the way, but happiness and your mental state of mind are equally as important.
  • What exactly is contributing towards you wanting to leave your job? Can it be fixed? Because sometimes all you need to do is relay your concerns to the right person and watch them action your request and make your working environment pleasant for you.
  • Have you devised a plan for getting your next job when you leave or are you going to embark on some entrepreneurial activities? It is okay to feel as though your job does not fulfil your goals and desires anymore, but how are you going to fix that?
  • Is leaving your job only going to affect you, or do you have any other people that you need to think about that might be affected by your decision? Realistically, if you have to put food on the table for some of your family members, you can leave your job, but leaving your job right now could be a bit drastic if you have no plan in place.

Leaving your current job can be extremely beneficial if you have a plan in place on how to sustain yourself, find a new job, embark on entrepreneurial initiatives, and achieve your goals, but strategize first, do not just resign, and spend your whole life praying for miracles.

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