Five Things Every Job Seeker Should Know

Job seeking is a challenging, and a frustrating experience for the unemployed, but a well-prepared job seeker is more likely to find the process less stressful.

Here are five things every job seeker should know when looking and applying for a job:

  • You won’t find a job immediately

Searching for jobs you qualify for can be lengthy and exasperating as the whole process can take months before you find the right opportunity and eventually get offered the job. So, prepare yourself for a long battle.

  • Cultivate, and utilise your network

Networking is vital for the success of your job search. So, network with people from the field and the companies of your interest and ask for recommendation and referrals, this will set you well ahead of those who apply without personal contact. Reach out on LinkedIn or other social media platforms and connect with relevant people and show off your industry expertise.

  • Tailor your CV to each job

Make your CV stand out by making use of keywords and phrases that will colligate with the job description in your CV and cover letter and align your competencies and achievements with the job you are applying for, this will certainly increase the chances of your CV passing the ATS and getting shortlisted for interviews.

  • Do not depend on one job search website.

Some job websites are run by recruiters, do your research, and check reviews on each of these sites and choose the ones that suit your interests, register, and upload your CV. You can also activate notifications so that you are always aware of open vacancies.

  • Prepare for your interviews.

 Take time to thoughtfully consider your goals, competencies, and qualifications relative to the position and practice your responses to common interview questions. 

Remember job seeking does not need to be stressful, it just needs to be done right.

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