How to apply for a job within the government

Being unemployed can be stressful. Being at a point where you feel stuck and that it is time to advance your career can be equally as stressful. But that is not where it all ends, there are still the frustrations that come with applying for the job and waiting to hear whether or not you are part of the candidates that will be interviewed.

Maybe you have waited too long, the applications have been closed, but still nothing. Have you stopped for a moment and thought about the possibility that maybe you are doing it all wrong?

Here are some tips of how to apply and land yourself that interview for a vacant government position:

  • The first thing you need to do is go online and find available vacancies within the government.
  • You then need to download the Z83, which is a form used to apply for any available positions within the South African government.
  • Thirdly you need to read and understand the form and make sure that you fill it out as per the requirements stipulated on the form.
  • You then need to make sure that you have a CV that highlights the necessary skills, competencies, and qualifications as stated on the job spec.
  • Lastly, you need to submit your CV and cover letter, along with the Z83 form, following the instructions on the job spec.

Your application is not always rejected because you do not meet the minimum requirements, sometimes you are just not doing it right, therefore the next time you apply for that job within the government, pay a little extra attention to the application process.  

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