Job Detail

  • Offered Salary R1 057 326 per annum (Level 13), (All-inclusive package). The package includes a basic salary (70% of package), and a flexible portion that may be structured in accordance with the rules for Senior Management Services (SMS).
  • Qualifications Honours Degree
  • Industry Agriculture
  • Reference REF NO: 3/2/1/2021/059
  • Centre Mpumalanga
  • Enquiries
    Mr VV Constable Tel No: (013) 754 5400
  • Where to submit application
  • Notes
    Please ensure that you email your application to: [email protected] before the closing date as no late applications will be considered. Applications and supporting documents sent to email addresses that are not specified in the advertisement for the post that you are applying for will not be accepted. Failure to do this will result in the application being disqualified.

Job Description

Manage the provisioning of registry services. Oversee the receipt and dispatch of cadastral documents submitted for examination and approval. Ensure that the necessary fees of office have been paid prior to the acceptance of cadastral documents into the system. Oversee the archiving of all documents. Maintain the cadastral correspondence filing system. Oversee the rendering of messenger service. Manage the rendering of first and second level examination services. Oversee the allocation of land parcel numbers. Ensure technical compliance of cadastral documents. Verify new cadastral documents in relation to parent property information. Oversee the examination and approval / rejection of all cadastral documents prepared and submitted by Professional Land Surveyors. Provide professional advice to Professional Land Surveyors and government officials. Report on the Directorate progress monthly as required. Know and apply all relevant land administration legislation, policies and procedures. Communicate all relevant new management decisions, policies and information to staff on weekly basis. Render professional advice for land reform projects and oversee the rendering of advice for land reform projects. Receive requests for land reform assistance as and when required. Provide and oversee advisory services on an ongoing basis. Perform research for land reform support. Plan the required investigation when required. Generate land reform support findings report according to policy. Submit land reform findings report upon finalisation. Facilitate state surveys. Provide professional advice to Professional Land Surveyors and government officials. Render research and advice for State Surveys. Consult with stakeholders. Ensure that the beacons relation to a survey are pointed out to the relevant officials prior to the approval of the cadastral documents. 14 Oversee the undertaking of field surveys for the purpose of verification of surveys, dispute resolution and inspections. Test survey for correctness, accuracy or authenticity in accordance with legal provisions, if reason for doubt exist. Take necessary action in connection with a survey tested for correctness, accuracy or authenticity, when required. Prepare and submit a report in connection with and application to a court, if deemed desirable. Undertake field surveys to identify boundaries of state land properties in order to resolve boundary disputes.

Required skills

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