Job Detail

  • Offered Salary R1 057 326 per annum (Level 13), (All-inclusive package). The package includes a basic salary (70% of package), and a flexible portion that may be structured in accordance with the rules for Senior Management Services (SMS).
  • Qualifications Bachelor Degree
  • Industry Agriculture
  • Reference REF NO: 3/2/1/2021/066
  • Centre Mpumalanga
  • Enquiries
    Mr DS Njoni Tel No: (013) 754 8120
  • Where to submit application
  • Notes
    Please ensure that you email your application to: [email protected] before the closing date as no late applications will be considered. Applications and supporting documents sent to email addresses that are not specified in the advertisement for the post that you are applying for will not be accepted. Failure to do this will result in the application being disqualified.

Job Description

Provide human resource administration support. Provide human resource management services. Manage human resource training and development. Manage employee relations. Render human resource support services. Coordinate employee health and wellness programmes. Monitor, manage and mainstream relevant development programmes. Monitor implementation of policy objectives through programme implementation by DALRRD programme initiatives. Evaluate the effectiveness of the implementations of the initiatives and report to the delegated authority. Provide communicate services. Render corporate and development communication services. Render marketing services. Manage media production services. Manage media services. Manage and coordinate provincial and development communication services. Render language services. Provide safety and security services within the province. Manage compliance with safety and security policies and procedures. Manage compliance with security service level agreement. Provide security advisory services. Liaise with security agencies. Manage 21 security contracts. Manage compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act. Conduct preliminary investigations on security matters. Manage records and information: Facilitate the implementation of records management policies, guidelines and procedures. Monitor and evaluate records management practices for compliance to sound records management practices. Provide and coordinate training on records administration. Administer and maintain database for status of restitution land claims. Provide information technology support services: identify business needs. Provide server management services. Maintain networks and hardware for the office. Render helpdesk services. Advise, liaise and coordinate with district corporate services on issues that may arise: Liaise with District Office on the implementation of corporate services issues. Provide guidance on the interpretation of policies, strategies and procedures. Coordinate employee information as required. Attend to queries. Ensure provincial compliance through management of information, risk and audit: Request progress reports on audit finds. Manage risk register for the Chief Directorate. Ensure compliance with regards to policies, directives, instruction, regulations, etc.

Required skills

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