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  • Qualifications Bachelor Degree
  • Industry Development
  • Centre GP ZA (Primary
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Job Description

MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Business strategy and planning – assist IDC investee businesses by analyzing their business’s goals and direction and ensure that practices align with company objectives. This will entail: o Applying the ability to think creatively to develop innovative solutions to strategic and tactical issues, make suggestions to improve practices and adjust a company’s goals and mission to increase performance and market share; o Advisory in area of strategy and operations that include corporate strategy assessment and development, customer and marketing strategy assessment and development, digital strategy assessment and development, restructuring/reorganization, pricing & profitability management, technology and data management and business processes assessment and optimization. • Trends analysis – assist IDC investee businesses with monitoring trends through business research and analysis, including financial analysis to help them adjust to changing conditions that affect goals and production through identifying key markets in which investee companies should be involved and help them adjust to be successful in market changes. • Evaluate competition – assist investee companies understand competitor practices and market behaviors through the development of internal and external fact-bases using relevant data and information; and apply analysis of what works and what does not work for competitors to IDC investee companies so that they employ successful tactics and avoid pitfalls. • Evaluate performance – assist IDC investee businesses diagnose business processes or organizational problems by driving a rigorous approach to solving problems in the context of economic, technology and social trends and leveraging analytics to determine how our business partners can seize new opportunities. • Assist in decision-making processes – working closely with senior management and executives in IDC investee businesses, assist with key budgeting and production decisions based on fact-based evaluation of current practices and making suggestions to optimize costs, increase revenue and building leverageable assets by developing solutions for problems in these areas. • Strategic risk management – assist IDC investee businesses anticipate risk scenarios, develop suitable risk management strategies, and establish mitigation measures for if that such scenarios manifest. • Performance and value creation plans [VCPs] – assist IDC investee businesses establish their businesses’ KPIs that facilitate the analysis/measurement of the businesses’ performance against overall goals, objectives, targets and budgets. • Recommending and implementing changes and ensuring a successful transition to “what is new”. • Review diagnostic assessment, develop terms of reference that will inform the capabilities that are required by existing IDC clients. • Continuous support to Early Stage [start-up] and small and medium entities (SME’s) to collaboratively grow IDC clients through adjusted value creation and on ad-hoc requirements. • Monitor IDC investee businesses to whom consulting services are being provided to ensure recommendations are being appropriately and fully implemented. • Conduct monitoring and evaluation to measure the level of return on investment that has been achieved CSG Segments. • Providing domain knowledge and expertise to support IDC investee companies to realize profit and growth such as: Markets, Value Chain Insights, Manufacturing 4.0 and Technologies. • Ensure the incorporation of core risk management principles and frameworks including- Corporate Governance, Credit, Operational and Financial risk levers. • Stakeholder management and engagement to ensure alignment of roles and responsibilities and building up a repository of core knowledge and insights within the IDC supporting the delivery of the value creation plan for clients. • Build a knowledge bank to be utilized by the IDC for future interventions. • Create a reputa

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