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REQUIREMENTS: A postgraduate degree (NQF Level 8) in Economics or Finance. Masters will be an added advantage. 4-6 years? experience in investment appraisal and/or economic research. Sound understanding of applied microeconomics. Sound understanding of economic and/or social infrastructure sectors. Research, analysis and report writing skills, with the ability to interpret economic policy and its possible outcomes. Intermediate understanding of financial modelling techniques. Understanding of the Public Sector and knowledge of appropriate legislations and regulations. Competencies required: Problem Solving Analysis: The ability to understand a situation, issues, problems, etc., by breaking it into smaller pieces or tracing the implications of a situation in a step by-step way. It includes organizing the parts of a problem, situation in a systematic way, making systematic comparisons of different features or aspects setting priorities on a rational basis, and identifying time sequences, casual relationships. Create timely and well-developed solutions by examining alternatives, risk and consequences. Results Orientation: Concern for holding self and others accountable for achieving results or for surpassing a standard of excellence. Team Participation: The ability to work co-operatively with others, to work together as opposed to working separately or competitively. Effective Communication: ability to transmit and receive information clearly and communicate effectively to others by considering their points of view in order to respond appropriately. This may involve listening, interpreting, formulating and delivering: verbal, non- verbal, written, and electronic messages. It includes the ability to convey ideals and information in a way that brings understanding to the target audience. Concern for Quality and Order: desire to see things done logically, clearly and well. It takes various forms: monitoring and checking work and information, insisting on the clarity of roles and duties, setting up and maintaining information system. Computer Literacy: Knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently. Refers to the comfort level someone has with using computer programs and other applications associated with computers (MS Office, Internet, email). Economic Principles: Basic knowledge and understanding of economics main concepts such as supply and demand, price marginalism. Economics: Science that studies the allocation of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. Involves analysis the 25 production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services. Policy Development and Management: Knowledge of Treasury-related legislation, the legislative process and public affairs as it pertains to NT. Includes the ability to monitor legislation that is of interest to Treasury. Financial Analysis: the application of financial modelling techniques as they apply to assessing capital projects, particularly in terms of their financial cost, viability, risks and comparison with alternatives. Project Management: knowledge of the principles, methods, tools for developing, scheduling, coordinating, and managing projects and resources, including monitoring and inspecting costs, work and contractor performance. DUTIES: Appraisal analysis and advice: Generate appraisal reports analysing the various impacts of specific infrastructure projects, both existing and proposed. Develop quantitative models to assess the expected impacts of specific infrastructure projects on the fiscus, welfare, economy and the environment. Advise on project configuration, costing, funding and financing, procurement and implementation readiness. Propose alternative ways of delivering infrastructure in an effective and efficient manner. Conduct research and develop appraisal best practice material: Conduct research on sectors developments, trends and topical issues related to infrastructure. Conduct research on specific technologies that affect how infras

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