How to Get a Job in Government Healthcare?

Ever thought of how to get a job in Government Healthcare? There is no doubt that South Africa’s healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world and the pandemic has increased the need for qualified healthcare professionals. Currently, the Healthcare industry is seen to be hiring the most compared to other industries in South Africa. At SAGovJobs we have over 500 job opportunities in the health sector alone, vacancies open to all South African citizens.

If you are looking for an energetic, exciting, and fast-paced working environment and a career where you can make a difference in people’s lives, the following is a list of Health Care Professions you can take advantage of:


Nurses lead extraordinary lives; they are the most sought-after professionals in the healthcare industry. As a qualified nurse, you could contribute not only to the profession of nursing but add value to patients and communities every day! Providing nursing care to the young and vulnerable; assisting patients to recover from an operation; encouraging someone to live life independently in the community; or nursing victims of trauma and injury back from the verge of death. Nursing covers a range of activities that few professions can match – it is a demanding job with serious responsibility but stimulating and intellectually challenging.

The average salary for a Nurse in SA is R 341 620 gross per year (R 28 470 gross per month), which is 21% higher than South Africa’s national average salary. Salary Range: A Nurse can expect an average starting basic salary of R 144 200. The highest salaries can exceed R 583 500 (excluding benefits and allowances).

To qualify for Nursing position individuals are required to have two prerequisites; a nursing qualification issued by a registered nursing institution, a certificate, diploma, degree, or other qualifications, and valid registration with the South African Nursing Council (SANC).

Certificates range as follows:

  • 1-year Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing
  • 3-year Diploma in Nursing
  • 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Sciences
  • 10year Postgraduate/ Advanced Diploma in Nursing

Individuals will be required to complete several steps to become a Nurse in SA.

  • Step 1: Would be for one to enrol with an accredited nursing college within South Africa, as per their minimum requirements.
  • Step 2: Complete your academic studies, then perform an in-service training workforce program, mandatory for 1 year.
  • Step 3: After graduating, the school will send a certificate of completion to SANC. Then register with the SANC to become a registered nurse. Application forms to become a registered nurse with SANC, depending on your choice of study within nursing can be simply downloaded at the SANC website.


When seeking a career as a doctor in South Africa, individuals are required to have performed certain tasks with regards to registration and training. Individuals are firstly required to apply to a University of South Africa which provides accredited courses in Medical Sciences, schools such as the University of Cape Town and the University of Witwatersrand. A qualification provided under a 5-year Bachelor of Science degree in Medicine and Surgery. After completion of studies, successful candidates are then required to perform in workplace training as a Clinical Intern for 2 years.

Once this phase in the journey is complete, a designation can be awarded by Health Professions of South Africa (HPCSA), a regulatory body that monitors and evaluates Doctors in South Africa. Then you will be given the title, “Dr”. The last step would be one more year of compulsory community service.

Medical Doctor responsibilities include:

  • Making patients feel at ease 
  • Diagnosing problems and prescribing treatment for patients
  • Refer some patients to specialists

Other fields in medicine

Medicine is a broad field that encompasses many disciplines, accessing these opportunities requires a basic understanding of what opportunities are available out there that you as an individual are interested in. These careers include:

  • Dentist
  • Emergency Care
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography

The list is long and all these disciplines in the health care industry are easily accessible.

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