The use of the Z83 form and how to properly fill it in

The use of the Z83 form and how to properly fill it in

As daunting as it may be, when applying for South African government department jobs (national and provincial) you are required to fill in a Z83 form that will be accompanied by your detailed CV and supporting documents. Many might ask themselves why they need to fill in a Z83 form when the same information that the form requires is clearly stated on their CV and supporting documents. Well, the form act as an application form for employment, designed to assist government departments in selecting the suitable person for the advertised role.

As of 01 January 2021, the New Z83 form was introduced and has been effective since then. No application made with the old form will be considered. So, it is your duty as an applicant to make sure that the form you are using for your job applications is the newly approved form. You can download the form from the Department of Public Service and Administration, or you can get a copy from your nearest government department.

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Effective ways to complete your Z83 application form

Firstly, read the form carefully and fill it accurately. Ensure that your writing is clear because if the recruiters cannot read your handwriting, your application will be rejected. Also, remember to check out spelling mistakes throughout the form and correct them before submitting.

Section A, B, C & D

Accurately note down the job application number as stated in the job ad and specify which position as well as the department you are applying for including your availability. Double-check your personal and contact details after you have filled the form to ensure that they are accurate.

Section E, F, and G

Even if you will attach your detailed CV that includes your education, work experience, and references, you will still need to fill in the information on the form. 


Sign and date the declaration section and remember to attach all the necessary documents required.

Once you have filled out all the details on the form, proofread and get a third party to go through your application to identify and rectify errors and then submit it with the required documents to the address stipulated on the job advert.

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