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“In a country of 59.3 million citizens we only have 14.5 million jobs available at this time, and the government contributes around 16% of those jobs with 2.4 million employees. I believe the government can possibly create more jobs if their hiring and placement strategy evolves from manual to automatic, paper-based to digital, while still accommodating all citizens, including those in remote parts of the country without access to resources. The portal is here to assist in solving such problems”, says Mabiletsa.

The portal does not only assist job seekers, but includes amazing features with functionality for government HR departments to do background screenings, qualification verifications and job application management. This allows for HR department to:

  • Easily post jobs and shortlist candidates using website, SMS, WhatsApp and email
  • Ensure that applicants’ data is secure, POPIA compliant and easy to store and access for departments looking for candidates.
  • Save money because the platform is free for everyone to use, including government departments.

For job seekers, the job portal:

  • Acts as a one-stop shop, bringing jobs from over 750 government departments, SOEs and educational institutions together on one platform, so job seekers avoid having to search the various departments’ websites individually
  • Helps the candidate to create a professional CV
  • Allows for remote candidates to apply via SMS or WhatsApp
  • Automatically alerts the candidate of relevant opportunities available to them
  • Has a digital Z83 and provides guidance on how to properly complete the form
  • Simplifies the search for the latest jobs available in government by breaking them down into sections such as province and departments
  • Provides professional career advice and guidance to those in need

“Also as part of our drive to help the government improve the unemployment crisis in South Africa, we have partnered with SA Tourism, and we were invited to be part of a very successful Career Expo which they hosted in March this year”, comments Mabiletsa.

To date, the has over 100 000 people registered on the portal, with over 25 000 active job applicants.

Mabiletsa says that he engages in regular talks with government entities and some, including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), have expressed interest in taking full advantage of portal’s services.

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“Many organisations in the recruitment space, including, continue to come up with technology-backed solutions that aim to mitigate factors that are regarded as ‘too tedious’ for job seekers looking for employment in the government sector. These solutions are expected to, among other things, alleviate the problem of discouraged job seekers and give them reasons to go back into the labour market”, he concludes.

About SA Gov Jobs

SA Gov Jobs forms part of the Elite Career Solutions group of brands. It is a single platform that aggregates all jobs across various South African government departments, and a gateway for career success – providing quick and convenient access to available jobs within the South African government available to all.

Elite Career Solutions is an HR-Tech company that specializes in career management and recruitment solutions. Its brands include Elite-CV, SA Gov Jobs and Elite-CV Builder.


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