Kingsway Career Fair

Kingsway Career Fair

Elite Career Solutions (SA Gov Jobs, Elite CV, and Elite-CV Builder) attended the Kingsway Career Fair in Springs on the 6th of May 2022. The career fair was a joint venture between local organisations and the owner of the venue. The attempt was to build interest and hope within the community, informing them of all the career opportunities available.

Kingsway is a community with a high unemployment and drug usage rate. Communities like these have many gems which goes unnoticed due to lack of opportunities exposure.

With great efforts by the event organisations, us at Elite Career Solutions alongside various known organisations saw it fit to encourage and uplift the general hopelessness by showcasing opportunities available through our organisation.

The informative session was open to all community members, the old and young were invited to be made aware of what is on offer for them.  Attendees were reminded that even though the unemployment situation is tough, there are opportunities out there.

We were honoured to be part of this great initiative, providing hope and rekindled interested within the community of Kingsway.

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