World Health Day Event

World Health Day Event

Thursday the 7th of April 2022 represented an international holiday, World Health Day, which we at Elite Career Solutions (SA Gov Jobs and Elite CV) and our partner Platform Capital set out to conquer a goal which was to assist as many young girls as possible with access to sanitary towels.

The main goal is to keep individuals healthy. Access to sanitary towels would reduce the number of days our girl children don’t go to school due to health concerns. Access to such basic needs can be expensive for some impoverished families. Our collective stakeholders do not want such circumstances to deprive innocent young girls of education.

Thanks to the efforts of our partners, it was possible to reach our goal and surpass it, 100 packs were donated to Tumahole Legacy Foundation, with the aim of distributing them to Boitlamo Secondary School, a high school located in the northern Free State town of Parys.

Our hosts, Tumahole Legacy Foundation organized a mutual venue to meet with all relevant stakeholders, and also get some opinions from each stakeholder on the importance of world health day.

Elite Career Solutions/ Platform Capital also took this opportunity to enrich young minds, by showing them what we do on a daily, with the hope of encouraging career paths that aren’t so visible within some communities.

With such dedicated stakeholders’ leadership, whether it be NGOs, Businesses, or Schools, we believe that our children are well taken care of and their futures enriched with knowledge.

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