Current Eskom Job Opportunities

Eskom, the state-owned electricity utility in South Africa, offers a wide range of job opportunities across various sectors and departments.

In this article, we will provide a brief synopsis of several job specifications:

  1. Senior Storeperson – Warehousing (Distribution) – Vaalpark: This role at Eskom involves managing inventory and stock control within the distribution department. Senior Storepersons are responsible for ensuring the efficient and organized storage of materials, contributing to the smooth operation of Eskom’s distribution network in Vaalpark.
  2. Officer – Land and Rights Negotiations (Distribution) – East London: Officers in this role work on land acquisition and rights negotiations related to distribution projects. They play a crucial part in securing the necessary land rights for infrastructure development in the East London area, ensuring legal compliance and effective project execution.
  3. Re-Advert – Senior Storeperson CNC x 2 (Distribution) – Vrede, Reitz: Similar to the Senior Storeperson role, these positions in Vrede and Reitz focus on managing inventory, but with a specific emphasis on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) materials and equipment used in distribution operations.
  4. Assistant Officer – Data Processing – Polokwane: Assistant Officers in Data Processing support data management and analysis in the Polokwane area. They are responsible for handling data efficiently and accurately, contributing to informed decision-making within Eskom.
  5. Manager – Planning and Scheduling (Transmission) – Megawatt Park: This senior role oversees the planning and scheduling of activities within Eskom’s transmission department at Megawatt Park. Managers in this position are responsible for optimizing resource allocation and ensuring the reliability of the transmission network.
  6. Assistant Officer – Financial Accounting x 2 (Distribution) – LimLanga Cluster (Internal – Mbombela and eMalahleni): Assistant Officers in Financial Accounting support financial operations in the LimLanga Cluster, focusing on Mbombela and eMalahleni. They assist in financial reporting and analysis, helping to maintain fiscal accuracy and compliance.
  7. Re-Advert – Officer Safety, Health, and Environmental (Distribution) – Bloemfontein: This role emphasizes safety, health, and environmental compliance within the distribution sector in Bloemfontein. Officers work to ensure that Eskom’s operations meet stringent safety and environmental standards.
  8. Manager – Support Services – Grootvlei Powerstation: Managers in this role oversee support services at the Grootvlei Powerstation. They coordinate various administrative and logistical functions, contributing to the smooth functioning of the power station.
  9. Officer – Security Operations x2 – Polokwane and Bela Bela: Officers in Security Operations are responsible for safeguarding Eskom’s assets and personnel in the Polokwane and Bela Bela regions. They play a critical role in maintaining security and preventing security breaches.
  10. Technician – Electrical Plant Management – Plant Performance QA – Polokwane: Technicians in this role focus on electrical plant management and performance quality assurance in the Polokwane area. They are responsible for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of electrical systems.


These job roles within Eskom cover a broad spectrum of responsibilities, each contributing to the utility’s mission of providing reliable electricity to South Africa while adhering to strict safety and environmental standards. Applicants can explore these diverse career opportunities based on their skills and interests.

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