SA Gov Jobs part of the National Tourism Career Expo 2022

SA Gov Jobs, a subsidiary of Elite Career Solutions was fortunate enough to be part of this great event that aims to help create and build 300 000 jobs in the tourism industry by the year 2026.

The NTCE showcased careers, skills development initiatives, and business opportunities that exist within the Tourism sector. We got to join in to impart knowledge and expose career opportunities to Grade 12 learners, university, FET (further education and training), TVET (technical and vocational education and training) college students, and unemployed graduates, helping them to see what the tourism and hospitality industries have to offer in terms of career, entrepreneurial and job opportunities.

As part of the 3-day programme, we also participated in the seminars, offering digital job application management training and support. We educated the youth on how they can apply for jobs online through our job portal which is a single platform that aggregates all jobs across various South African government departments. Most importantly, we showed them the importance of career branding and how they can create a professional CV.

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This expo happened at the right time as the industry is slowly getting back to normal after it was affected badly by the pandemic.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Motivational talks by leading South African tourism entrepreneurs and personalities.
  • Exhibitions of South African tourism products and related services.
  • Specific platforms highlighting tourism career opportunities.
  • Platforms assisting youths to prepare for entrepreneurial development and job opportunities.
  • Interesting interactive platforms.
  • Learner competitions and debates.
  • Tourism educator seminars.
  • Digital and social media platforms designed to profile tourism career opportunities.

SA Gov Jobs team was hard at work, engaging with the youth and sharing as much needed information as required about job search, how to apply, and career branding as a whole.

This event was an eye-opener for us as we got to see where the youth lacks and how we can get more involved to bridge the information gap between the industry, government, learners, and educators.

We plan to take part in more upcoming expo’s as we are committed to building a better future for the youth – bringing job opportunities within the government of SA to them.

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