5 High Paying Jobs with NO College/Varsity

5 High Paying Jobs with NO College/Varsity

Not everyone is or was fortunate enough to pursue their studies further just after completing their matric. There are so many reasons why one can be stuck with just their matric certificate with no further means to attain a tertiary/professional qualification but, looking for a well-paying job that can enhance their knowledge, kickstart their career whilst earning enough money to take care of their needs and at the same time save for rainy days. If you are one of those people with just matric and looking for a job, then there is no need for you to feel excluded because there are so many opportunities out there that you can embark on and earn a living without further education. In this article, I will be listing 5 of the top-paying jobs in South Africa that do not require one to have a degree/diploma.

1. Web Developer

Web developers (especially Java, C#, iOS, Android, and PHP) are currently in demand internationally. Interestingly enough, the required skills do not need one to complete a 3–4-year degree at a university. One can acquire specific web development skills online by taking online courses and watching videos on YouTube to advance their skills.  Web developers are responsible for creating web software using programming languages such as SharePoint, Java, and PHP and such professionals can earn a good R8k – R12.5K per month.

2. Graphic Designer

Just like a Web Developer, you can be a top-notch graphic designer by learning how to design online. There are a thousand courses and tutorials online that you can watch, they will guide you on how to get started and advance your design skills using different design tools. Once confident, you can build up a portfolio of all your creative work to submit when looking for a job. Your duties can include social media posts, website mock-up, mobile-app mock-up, web banners, and newsletters of which can earn you R7.5k – R25.8k per month.

3. Executive Assistant

With just a matric certificate, you do qualify to be a company secretary or a personal assistant to an executive earning about R8.5k – R19k per month. What is required from an Executive assistant is good people management skills, great communication, and organising skills, as well as data capturing, which means that you will need to know how to navigate through various computer tools and software. You can watch online tutorials to get a grasp of what you are not sure of and learn new tricks that can aid in making your job a lot easier and faster.

4. Social Media Influencer

With the right following and engagement on social media, you can be rolling in big bucks in the social media influencer industry. An influencer is a content creator who develops a following by sharing positive vibes, produces quality content that inspires, informs, and sparks engagement. They start making money when they start working/collaborating with brands on sponsored ads. If you are lucky, some brands can even approach you personally after they see that you can align with their brand and after they have thoroughly observed your social media interactions. To get started, you can register with sites such as “The Salt” and you can also do short courses in between to boost your knowledge of social media marketing. With a good campaign and reputable brand, you can earn between R500 – R10k per post, some that have been doing it for a while can even demand more.

5. Waitress

As underrated as it might be to be a Waitress, let us not overlook the fact that a remarkably busy and expensive restaurant does pay their workers a decent salary and the tips even top it up, making one earn at least R5.8K+. Many of these restaurant’s minimum requirements is a matric certificate and training is provided to hired applicants before they can commence work.

Yes, a university/college qualification guarantees a much higher paying job in the market but, you can still build your career without it, only if you are determined and have the drive to push through all channels to learn certain skills yourself to earn a decent salary.

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