How to become a Deputy Director

Each week, we see new Director and Deputy Director posts available in various government departments and organisations. Do they ever get the right people to fill those positions? What I know is Deputy Directors are in high demand.

Have you ever wondered if you stand a chance in obtaining that position or have you been applying with no positive feedback? Maybe, there is something you are missing. This could be a lack of required experience or qualifications, or even worse, your CV is just not showcasing your key competencies well.

What is a deputy director?

A deputy director is a government job title wherein the professional works closely with the executives of the organisation and is responsible for managing and overseeing the overall operations of the department. The duties may vary depending on the industry, but it includes the supervision of employees, the development of relationships, as well as overseeing the development of business opportunities.

How to qualify for a Deputy Director post?

To qualify for this role, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management or a field that is closely related to what the organisation specialises in. Some industries such as technology may require an advanced degree. You will further need to possess outstanding leadership skills and experience working and developing cross-functional teams.

Your level of education and years of experience will determine whether you qualify to apply for a Deputy Director post or not. A Master’s degree is highly recommended and acquiring other certifications in management, leadership, or problem solving will be a bonus for you as an applicant.

How much does a Deputy Director earn?

An average Provincial Government Deputy Director earns approximately R 790 038 per annum which meets the national average. Salaries may vary depending on the department or industry. Get started on your journey of claiming a Deputy Director position by making sure that you have an outstanding CV that portrays your work experience and key skills well and sells you best for a Deputy Director role. You can have your CV reviewed for free by CV experts.  

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